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Giannis D


This reef is famous by the four wrecks which found their final resting place up-there!

Abu Nuhas offers an excellent diving opportunity around its three sides.


First: the eastern side has a rugged coral formation with a very good stock of marine life. There is a good drift dive to be enjoyed along its drop-off which is 25m deep to the south.


Second: the southern end of the reef offers a safe anchorage and it is a good location for a night dive and just further to the south there is the Yellow fish Reef: named after the sweet lips fish which inhabit this reef in great numbers. The eastern section of this reef probably offers the best diving spot.


Third: the western boundary of this reef also worth the attention. This is sometimes dived following an exploration of the wreck of the Giannis D. located on the tip of the main reef, when the conditions prevent safe anchoring to the north or over the wreck. Along the northern edge of the reef there are four wrecks spaced out between the western and eastern corners:


Name: Giannis D. (previously called the “MARKOS” or the “SHOYO MARU”)

Wrecked: 19 April 1983 following a storm.

Owners: Danae (giving rise to the alternative name for this wreck “DANNA”_ from the remains of some letters that found written on the smoke stack)

Length: 99m. Displacement: 3,500 metric tonnes.

Route: from Rijeka to Hodeidah.

Cargo: Wood, metal sheets, pipes and cables (some local boat captains call this the wood wreck).


At the extreme west of Abu Nuhas’s four wrecks, The ship rests at the edge of the reef for 6 weeks before storms broke it and settled the ship under the waves.

The crew was rescued without serious injury. The wreck lies at an angle to the reef and the stern section is the most interesting. This is where the bridge, accommodation areas, workshops and engine room can be entered and explored. Strong currents can surge through this rear section of the wreck. The tip of the gantry crane is 4m from the surface. The central hold section is quite broken up but it allows the inspection of the cargo which has been scattered across the sand. The bow, which rises up several meters, lies on its port side. The foremast now lies almost parallel to the ground. There are lots of fish and aquatic life on this wreck.


Price start from: 90,- Euro p.P.

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